Company Profile

Scialla and Associates is a division of Rubenstein and Scialla Architects, which was founded in 1975. The firm has clients throughout New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. The firm has undertaken a broad range of architectural assignments.

Clients include:

Medical and Business Professionals
Private Individuals
Commercial and Industrial Enterprises
Religious Institutions
Land Developers
Private Builders
Recreation and Health Facilities

Principal Architect

Bach of Arch: Columbia University
Cooper Union Grad (Honors): Certificate in Architecture

Licensed: NJ NY CT
w/ national accreditation thru N.C.A.R.B.

32 yrs. exp. w/ Port Authority
Position: Resident Architect

Harvard University: Management
Northeastern University: Urban Waterfront Facilities

Pratt Institute Bach. of Architecture.
Port Authority of NY/NJ 29yrs.
Position: Principal Architect
Lic. Arch NY Lic. Arch. NJ

Bach of Architecture-Columbia University
35 yrs. exp w/ Port Authority-Principal Architect
arch lic: NJ

5 year Bach. of Arch: New York Institute of Technology
Licensed in NY, NJ w/ National Accreditation thru N.C.A.R.B.

5 year Bach. of Arch: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Palmer College Grad.
12 yrs exp. w/ Scialla and Assoc. Architects

St. Thomas Aquinas College Graduate: Fine arts
Student: New Jersey Institute of Technology for Masters in Architecture

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